Jeremy Herrmann

Through oil and water-based paints, along with a variety of drawing tools, I explore the intersection of emotion and color on canvas and paper. Each palette elicits a visceral response within me, leaving me simultaneously fulfilled and unsettled.
My work revolves around the pursuit of color narratives that tap into the raw emotions embodied by my chosen subjects. Drawing inspiration from the intricate hues of poisonous plants, the patterns of venomous snakes, and the flushed tones of agitated flesh, I seek to evoke a primal connection between my art and the viewer.
Within my work, one will encounter a diverse array of subjects: doorways symbolizing transition, vessels embodying containment, dynamic figures in motion, and enigmatic forms stripped of identity. These elements serve as conduits for themes of sexuality, vulnerability, adventure, dissociation, individuation, madness, temptation, and anxiety.
Ultimately, my art is a journey into the depths of human experience, where colors and forms intertwine to weave narratives that resonate with the archetypal realms of the human psyche.